I can’t even with this gif!!!! It is too cute! That boy can definitely groove!

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roflmao…I could not have agreed more! The sarcasm in this image is great!

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CL!!! so flawless! I agree! Why the hell was this not released?!




CL - Go Away (Unreleased English Verse)

and this is not released…..why?????

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yea he’s singing that to me! lmaoooo


Taeyang (of Big Bang) covering Beyonce’s track I Miss You (written by Frank Ocean and performed in the style of Frank).

Check it!

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Bella’s first handjob.

I’m a twi fan, and even I had to LMAO at this …ROFLMAOOOO







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Just great…

2011 is just about to hit me with its worst,

but its ok..I’m making 2012 my Biotch,

I'm determined to succeed & be happy no matter what!

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Wow such a great cover of Crystal Kay’s ( @ckay26 ) “Boyfriend”…atleast to me, he has such a great tone to his voice…that raspiness…love it lol

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I finally found a tour performance of Crystal Kay’s ( @Ckay26 ) “Help Me Out”…It’s one of my favorite songs off of the “Color Change” album…she did great performing this! Hope you guys enjoy, cuz I definitely did!

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Crystal Kay and Happy Feet 2 Promotions (Part 2)

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Crystal Kay and Happy Feet 2 Promotions (Part 1)

Do I really need to say how great she looks? Isn’t it a given?

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